Healthcare Billing Services

As a healthcare provider, you want your team to be well-qualified to do their jobs, from the clinicians down to your billing staff.  However, healthcare billing is a specialized field and there are few experts that can manage the revenue process and ensure payment.

Are you ready to see more money deposited in your bank account, as your denials decrease, and your claims get paid?

Would you rather focus on patient care, without having to constantly hire, train, and manage billing staff?

Are you sick of having to deal with insurance companies?

Are you frustrated with constant claim denials?


We can make it easy to get reimbursements flowing.

  • Increase your business revenue, as your denials decrease and your claims get paid.
  • Say goodbye to frustrating phone calls with insurance companies.
  • Focus more on what’s important:  providing excellent medical care.

Our goals for healthcare providers:

  • Submit claims timely
  • Decrease your claim denials
  • Simplify invoice collection
  • Increase your revenue
  • Maintain constant cash flow…even during holidays, employee sick leave or staff vacations
  • Decrease or completely eliminate those hassling phone calls to the insurance companies
  • FREE your time to focus on patient care

Resolve claim denials: We know that handling claim denials can be a frustrating process.  Unlike other third-party billing companies, We do not leave you with the “bag” if the claim denies.  We review the remittance advice, and verify the reason for denial.  If it is a clinical/coding error we contact your staff to indicate what changes need to be made.  Once the changes are made, we resubmit the claim.  If the denial is uncertain, or if there is not enough information provided for the denial on the payer remittance, we contact the payer until the issue is resolved and claim paid or adjusted.

CAP/PCS Billing Services 

  • Medicaid Direct Billing tied to EVV
  • Medicaid MCO Billing through HHAeXchange
  • EVV Upload to HHAeXchange
  • EVV Upload to Sandata

Home Health Billing Services

  • We create and send End of Episode claims to your PPS and nonPPS payers.  We start monitoring those claims at least 3 weeks after transmission, until those claims are paid.
  • Resolve rejected claims: We work to resolve any rejected claims ASAP to get those claims back out the door for payment.
  • Monitor unbilled claims: We run biweekly reports to make sure no claims are just sitting there collecting dust.  If there are any issues holding the claim from generating, we provide report to staff.
  • Payment Posting: we retrieve and post your electronic remittances; as well as you’re your paper check payments from insurance companies and patient cash/check payments.
  • Tracking Reports: We monitor unbilled claims and provide tracking reports:  weekly, biweekly or monthly.

We have a trained staff with years of billing experience and are dedicated to establishing, maintaining or improving your agency cash flow.