CareChamp EVV App

CareChamp Mobile Health App

CareChamp Electronic Visit Verification App

Schedule your personal care services with tasks and the visits sync immediately to CareChamp.

No Schedule Entry Needed!

CareChamp App allows you to document your visit on your phone with start & end times, documentation of the care you provided, and vitals if needed. You can even use your voice to dictate instead of typing!

CareChamp syncs it schedules and visits in real-time back for:

Complete visits & make corrections on Barnestorm Dashboard, which is much easier than Sandata!

Barnestorm is the go-between that allows you to use Sandata and ensure that those visits get billed to Medicaid.

All verified EVV visits get sent & paid by Medicaid & Medicaid MCOs through our fully integrated connections to Sandata, NC Tracks, and HHAeXchange.