Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records for Online Charting

Electronic Health Records

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MyHomeChart.com meets Conditions of Participation requirements for sharing HIPAA-compliant information.

Share records with patients, providers, therapists, approved caregivers, and others involved in patient care.

Paperless Electronic Health Record

Cloud Share enables a completely paperless electronic chart! Any paper you have, you can scan in and associate with the chart.

Even better, integrated forms fill themselves in automatically!

Patient Portal

With MyHomeChart.com, your patients and their approved caregivers and providers log into a portal system and view documents. Patients check  scheduled visits and pay their bills (if private pay), as well.

Clinical Portal

Your clinicians can log into a web portal to view their schedules and complete patient documentation in the field.

HIE and Healthconnex

Barnestorm complies with Health Information Exchange (HIE) standards. For example, Healthconnex in North Carolina allows sharing electronic health records between providers.

Patient Text Reminders for Appointments

Reduce missed and late appointments by sending patients automated appointment SMS reminders.

Electronic Forms


Your paper forms disappear forever!

Ger rid of your paperwork, from admission forms to patient histories and visit documentation.

Never Write, Type, or Copy Patient Info Again!

When you pull up the form, it fills in the patient information that’s in Barnestorm automatically. Then you can type in or change info on the form as needed. Finally, save the completed form to the patient chart with a click, and the form saves with the date and version.

This feature works particularly well for services that require specific paper formats for government agencies, such as the Department of Health and Human Services.

Autofill DHHS Forms

Autofill forms that include the same information for each client, like the PCP and grids! So you don’t have to copy and paste the client plan or the client name and numbers.

Custom Forms

We can add customized forms with your logos for a one-time setup fee and a monthly charge per user.